"... the work was done on time and the work crew were polite, quiet and pleasant to have in my home.

I appreciated the clear communication and the polite quiet and pleasant workers in my home."

-- Sheila McIntyre

"Udellican exceeded my expectations; they were punctual, reliable, and thorough.

Udellican gained my trust and kept it. I did not feel like I needed to watch over the work that they did like I have felt in the past with other contractors.

Reasonably priced. Great work. I'm happy!"

-- Allan Jackson

"The work was performed exactly as expected in terms of time, cost and quality.

"The workplace was left as clean as possible. When equipment had to be left on site it was left in a matter that took up as little room as possible and out of the way."

-- Van Mardian

"Udellican exceeded my expectations. Jonny and Ian proved that they are honest, reliable and extremely hard working individuals.

I was extremely impressed with their workplace cleanliness. They always took their boots off when entering the house, and took the time to clean up at the end of each day.

They took the time to listen to my concerns, explain the problem in terms that I could understand, and discuss the different options available to me to fix the problem"

-- Erin Johnson

"The works was done right, finished and looked great.

They exceeded our expectations. I would hire them again.

I would absolutely recommend Udellican to anybody I knew."

-- Pete Travers
"Jonny, You met all our expectation because you took the time to comunicate with us and determine exactly what our expectations were for the job. You kept your workplace pristine. You were polite, positive and enthusiastic in your dealings with us." -- Colin McKinnon

"The work that jon and Tim did for me exceeded my expectations. Jon explained to me the work involved, brought in samples of different products available, and was able to give me advice on materials to be used in the project, and colours that would look good at my place. It was such big help. For a young man his age, he has a great deal of knowledge of the work he does, and a lot of energy to get it done.

Every evening they left my place dust free, and as tidy as it could be considering the work that was being done.

I had absolute trust in Jon and Tim.

My experience with them wsa very positive. I was impressed with their knowledge of their work, and high energy level at all times which helped to get things done.

I would wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends and relatives. "

-- Halina Scholfield