The size, shape and age of your family may change over time, but the kitchen remains the centre of modern life for most families.

  • Urban professionals entertain with cocktails and modern cuisine with the best parties starting and ending in the kitchen.
  • Young families spend hours in the kitchen. While mom and dad are preparing meals, young children play underfoot and older kids may be doing homework at the kitchen table. Not to mention the time the kitchen is used for crafts, baking cookies, and miscellaneous science experiments.
  • Older families need a kitchen that accommodates a family on-the-go.
  • Empty-nesters and retirees want a kitchen for a slower pace that is suited to entertaining small and larger groups.

No matter what your age, your kitchen is likely the most important room in your home.

We can tackle contracts that are big or small. Your kitchen may be 50 years old and taking it back to the studs may be the only solution to bring it up to modern standards but many kitchens require much less drastic action. New floors and counter tops, new cabinet doors and lighting can transform and modernize a room while staying well within the constraints of a more economical budget.

Some contractors don't want to talk to you unless your renovation plans are greater than $40,000 or $50,000 dollars. Udellican won't shut you out just because your pocket book isn't so deep. If you've got a kitchen that needs to jump forward a few years in design and function, Udellican can make it happen.